"Bridie is highly focused, and driven to achieve strong results. She has a strong personality and leads by example. She is able to see the strategic bigger picture."

Malcolm Cohen
UKTI - Greater London Region


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Welcome to Adsetts Consultancy

Most businesses recognise that their people are the fundamental asset of their organisation as well as the source of their greatest number of headaches and frustrations.

Most leaders say that that attracting, retaining and the delicate art of parting 
company with people is “difficult”, “stressful” and “a mysterious art”.

Fear, resistance and inertia are most frequently quoted as the blockages to 
necessary organisational change either from the workforce or the management (or both!).

Managing people and their reaction to change, growth and performance 
requirements fills many a seasoned Manager and just as many highly capable 
Managing Directors with dread. Feeling “completely stuck” with a problem
is common.

Adsetts Consultancy works with owners, directors and managers to address organisational challenges and takes the mystery out of the perceived unfathomable complexity of people.


“One person with passion is better than
forty people merely interested”

E M Forster

T: 07909 928 178